What 2024 holds for social finance

From transition finance to the impact of real estate on climate change solutions, here are eight things Future of Good expects to make news in the social finance sector this year.

Why It Matters

Through solutions journalism, Future of Good highlights what might go right tomorrow and who’s showing the way in the social finance ecosystem. With a critical eye, we keep the reader up-to-date on how finance is being shaped to be a tool, not an end.

Over the last six months, I wrote about many social finance solutions like community bonds, non-profit housing, blended finance, conservation finance, cooperatives, and shareholder climate activism. I’ve reported on initiatives in Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Ontario. The stories I wrote in 2023 had a common thread: finance was used to tackle a social or environmental challenge. For 2024, here is what I will keep an eye on.

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