Why precarious workers need more support — during COVID-19 and beyond

The gig is up

Why It Matters

Part-time and gig workers are holding up our communities through COVID-19, and yet both employers and the federal government have largely left these workers out of support measures. Gaps in social support for these workers have long existed and needed closing — but the pandemic is highlighting their urgency.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Why precarious workers need more support \u2014 during COVID-19 and beyond. This story was originally published on First Policy Response.\u00a0 The experiences of many gig workers during the COVID-19 pandemic highlight how much work remains to ensure Canada\u2019s social safety net is broadly inclusive and fair. A range of independent contractors, part-time, self-employed and temporary workers have suddenly been thrust into essential roles as our normal routines have ground to a halt. Delivery drivers , cleaners and grocery store workers have gone from overlooked and underappreciated to critical parts of our pared down way of life. Yet, the efforts of these workers have been, to date, recognized by their employers only in the form of some time-limite

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