‘We can be the risk takers’: The Winnipeg Boldness Project is reinventing family services in Manitoba

Based in Winnipeg’s North End, the Winnipeg Boldness Project is equal parts community organization, nonprofit facilitator, and social innovation lab

Why It Matters

Testing out new approaches to family services can be very difficult. Few organizations and grantmakers support this type of design and development, and fewer still act as conduits for local communities to reimagine their own colonial-era social service programs.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"\u2018We can be the risk takers\u2019: The Winnipeg Boldness Project is reinventing family services in Manitoba. There is a house in Winnipeg where everyone\u2019s kookum lives. No matter the reason, families can drop off their children to this safe and loving home, where a kookum, or grandmother in Cree, and several aunties can keep an eye on them.\u00a0 While Kookum\u2019s House is run by Blue Thunderbird Family Care, an Indigenous family services organization, it doesn\u2019t just serve as an emergency drop-off centre for families going through a crisis. Kookum\u2019s House can also be a place for parents to leave their kids before going shopping. It\u2019s a straightforward way to help families going through stressful times that doesn\u2019t resort to th

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