How these women-led virtual work technologies will get you through COVID-19

Connection and collaboration through social distancing

Why It Matters

To follow social distancing guidelines, many of us in Canada who are privileged enough to have this capability, will be working from home in the coming days and weeks. Stay connected and collaborate with others in the social impact world through these virtual technologies.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"How these women-led virtual work technologies will get you through COVID-19. Over the next couple of weeks, people will be trying new ways of working.\u00a0 As organizations discuss work-from-home arrangements, cancel all work travel, reschedule conferences, and take preventative measures to protect their employees, I ask: how could we transform virtual experiences from one that feels isolating, to one that strengthens a sense of belonging and community?\u00a0 The world just wrapped up International Women\u2019s Day celebrations for the year, and virtual gatherings and celebrations happened alongside in-person ones, from virtual fundraisers to virtual conferences . And here\u2019s the thing: Women-led virtual work technology companies are leading the pa

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