Youth are key to making real social change. Here’s what they need to thrive in your organization.

Three young impact leaders share concrete ways organizations can better support youth on their teams

Why It Matters

Young people have ideas and mindsets that can address the toughest social challenges Canada faces. But they’re too often unheard, underestimated, and overworked within social impact organizations.

This story is in partnership with RBC Future Launch, RBC’s $500 million commitment to help Canadian youth prepare for the jobs of today and tomorrow. 

History tells us that young people have always been at the forefront of social progress. But that’s most often been outside of institutions, through social movements, startups, and grassroots activism.

Meanwhile, young people’s lived experience tells us that they’re not always empowered to make similar change within and on behalf of institutions and organizations. That’s a huge missed opportunity.

The good news is there are organizations doing things differently, and young people leading the way from the inside. Future of Good, in partnership with RBC Future Launch and MENTOR Canada, hosted three such young leaders for a candid conversation about the future of youth working in social impact organi

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