YWCA launches Canada’s first national immediate financial support fund for survivors of domestic violence

“How are we going to end gender-based violence all together so that survivors don’t need this kind of funding or support?”

Why It Matters

With reports of intimate partner violence increasing during the pandemic, and women and gender-diverse people experiencing unemployment disproportionately, a national emergency fund could be their road to safety.

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YWCA Canada has launched their National Emergency Survivor Support (NESS) Fund to give domestic violence survivors immediate financial assistance – the first of its kind for Canada. 

Over the next four years, 12 YWCA member organizations across various Canadian provinces will provide 1,500 grants and interest-free loans ranging from $500 to $1,200. The NESS Fund expanded from YWCA Toronto’s December 6th Fund which provides interest-free loans to women who are fleeing abuse with bank accounts and a source of

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