Ottawa | November 30, 2017

What can you  imagine?

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Future of Good is a day of radical speakers, compelling performances, and intimate conversations to explore forces shaping how we do Good in the 21st century.

In a fast-changing world, will today’s approaches satisfy tomorrow’s needs?

Join us, and experience the future world of good, challenge its perceptions, and inspire others to shape it.

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The co-curators have lived and worked around the world. Working in public, corporate and not-for-profit sectors, they bring a unique tri-sector sensibility.

They are behind compelling projects and organizations, such as: Impact Hub Ottawa, Impact Academy, Hub & Spoke, New Ottawa Process, Rideau Hall Foundation, Policy Community Conference, and Launch Some Good.

Vinod RajasekaranCo-Curator
Jane PorterCo-Curator
Jason PearmanCo-Curator
Will today’s approaches satisfy tomorrow’s needs?
Are today’s ambitions for doing good bold enough?
What might doing good look like a decade from now?
Who gets to say what good is?
How should we take credit for doing good? Can good be attributed?
What tools for good will move from marginal to mainstream?
How might organizations of all kinds prepare for, respond and evolve?

Get a glimpse of the future of volunteerism, aid, corporate responsibility, advocacy, philanthropy and entrepreneurship.

Collectively explore questions, experiments, and thinking that push us to boldly reimagine the future of good.

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This unique experience aims to convene over 100 bright minds from across Canada and beyond, with participants from a range of industries, like food, energy, arts, technology, design, urban planning, public service, not-for-profit, academia, media, and professional services.

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