3 Community Innovators Upping Canada’s Culture of Innovation

And their role in COVID-19 recovery

Why It Matters

More than half of Canadians believe it’s important for people to engage in local problem-solving efforts. This story in our series in partnership with the Rideau Hall Foundation features the many local innovators supporting their communities during pandemic recovery, and what this means for Canada’s culture of innovation.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"3 Community Innovators Upping Canada\u2019s Culture of Innovation. In response to COVID-19, communities have jumped into action. Restaurants cooked for food shelters . Breweries across Canada produced hand sanitizer . Clothing companies created cloth masks .\u00a0 As the country moves to pandemic recovery, the role of local innovators has never been clearer. The Rideau Hall Foundation recently released Canada\u2019s Culture of Innovation Report , which found that 64 percent of Canadians believe it\u2019s important for the people in their own communities to engage in local, problem-solving efforts. And before the COVID-19 pandemic had begun, Canada was already seeing a heightened need for local innovation. The good news is that local innovators across

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