3 Community Innovators Upping Canada’s Culture of Innovation

More than half of Canadians believe it’s important for people to engage in local problem-solving efforts. This story in our series in partnership with the Rideau Hall Foundation features the many local innovators supporting their communities during pandemic recovery, and what this means for Canada’s culture of innovation.


Why diversity and inclusion are essential to social innovation

A majority of Canadians believe that diversity and inclusion are key factors in what makes Canada’s culture uniquely innovative. In partnership with the Rideau Hall Foundation, we look at how three social impact leaders are building Canada’s culture of innovation through inclusion.


Is the Canadian education system properly equipping the next generation of social innovators?

In the face of a global pandemic that has upended the education system and equal access to it, specialized tools and strategies are needed now more than ever to nurture a new generation of social innovators. This is our third story in partnership with the Rideau Hall Foundation in celebration of #CanadianInnovationWeek.