Biden 2021: The new President’s influence on Canadian social impact

A Future of Good special report
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The United States has enormous influence on the cultural conditions under which Canadian (and global) social impact work takes place. Just as Donald Trump’s presidency impacted Canadian progress on climate action, anti-racism movements, reproductive and gender rights, and gave way to increasing populism and misinformation north of the border, the incoming President Joe Biden’s rhetoric and policies will influence the Canadian world of social impact, too.

Biden has made strong commitments on climate action, curbing the coronavirus pandemic, and even restoring faith in the democratic process itself — which could set the stage for accelerated action in similar veins here in Canada. And even beyond Biden’s cultural influence, there are practical implications. Will partnerships between American and Canadian NGOs strengthen or weaken in the Trump-Biden transition? Will funding by American donors to Canadian organizations increase or decrease? What do Canadian social impact professionals living in the U.S. think of the transition? We’ll explore these questions and more in a new special report. 

Featuring insights on these and more topics, this special report gets to the heart of what Canadian social impact professionals, funders and entrepreneurs should expect from at least four years of President Joe Biden. 

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