Announcement: Future of Good and Mentor Canada partner up to explore the social impact of mentoring in Canada

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Growing up in a time with multiple crises is brutal. While navigating a fast changing world, Canadian youth are dealing with an array of natural and humanitarian issues — and trying hard to find their own stability in this world. 

So it’s not surprising to know that Canada is facing a monumental youth mental health crisis. As we covered last year, COVID-19 has only continued to worsen this situation, while mental health supports and resources are far from affordable or accessible to anyone, let alone young people.

Mentoring relationships can act as a critical lifeline and a personal or professional support for many young people. But the mentoring sector in Canada has been struggling, especially due to a mismatch in supply and demand, sector experts say, with a high demand for youth mentoring and not enough resources to meet that demand. 

That’s why Future of Good is partnering with Mentor Canada once again to explore how the social impact world can help build a stronger mentoring network. Together, we’ll look into the role mentorship plays in supporting youth mental health across Canada. We’ll also explore how mentoring can help prepare the next generation of social impact leaders to take on the world’s challenges post-pandemic. 

Through engaging digital content, we’re excited to continue diving into topics relating to Canada’s mentoring culture, the state of diversity in the mentoring landscape, and the importance of bolstering diverse mentoring strategies. In the coming months, Future of Good and Mentor Canada will also host the second Reverse Mentoring: Power of Mentoring event after the success of the first one in 2021. Once again, this will involve seasoned social impact professionals being mentored by youth leaders in the sector. 

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