Canada needs a stronger culture of innovation post-pandemic. What will it take?

Social innovation is critical to inclusive economic growth and social development, and will be especially important to helping Canada recover post-pandemic. And according to research that shows Canada has a strong culture of innovation, we’re well-positioned to do this. However, Canadian innovators will need to continue to support local problem-solving, and include a diversity of perspectives in developing solutions. These are key drivers of innovation culture. 

We’re excited to announce that we’re crafting a special three-part story series with Rideau Hall Foundation that profiles local innovators and innovations across the country. These stories will be in the lead up to #CanadianInnovationWeek this coming fall, which reached more than 12 million people last year  — stay tuned for details. We’ll also be examining the social innovation implications of the findings of the 2020 Canadian Culture of Innovation Report in an infographic. And we’ll be hosting a podcast panel and Twitter Chat with social innovators to discuss what the results of the report means for social innovation.

In a post-pandemic Canada, innovation will be crucial to helping our communities recover, regenerate, and thrive. Let’s explore how to create a culture that fosters this kind of innovation in new and exciting ways.