Women are leading pandemic relief and recovery as non-profit workers, but their childcare duties are holding them back

Why It Matters

Women make up between 75 and 85 percent of the non-profit workers at the forefront of pandemic relief and recovery. They also take on a disproportionate share of childcare duties, both pre-pandemic and while schools and daycares are closed. Lifting some of this burden could be critical to the pandemic recovery.

8 women in social impact share their visions for an equitable pandemic recovery

Why It Matters

Canadians are facing a long road to recovery from the pandemic, but not all have been, or will be, equally impacted. Women of colour and young women have led the country through the pandemic, and they’ll feel the most intense economic and societal impacts — so their perspectives should be at the forefront of any conversation about recovery.


COVID-19 will “absolutely exacerbate homelessness in Canada,” say advocates

Why It Matters

Approximately 235,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year, and there are even more who are underhoused. Housing advocates say these figures may increase, due to economic instability during the coronavirus pandemic. Our fifth story in partnership with United Way Centraide Canada examines how a movement to close the housing gap influenced the federal government’s first national housing strategy.

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The pandemic derailed a real estate development in Toronto. What’s the big deal?

Why It Matters

Toronto is not the only one with plans for a futuristic ‘smart city’ powered by data and technology – your city is likely working on something similar, too. Their experience working with a technology company has important lessons for the social impact sector, especially as more services are delivered online, and communities across Canada explore similar partnerships as part of their post-pandemic recovery efforts.