Going digital? This expert says you should transform your organizational culture first

The CEO of Technology Helps, a consulting firm focused on helping non-profits upgrade their tech, shares tips for getting your culture ready

Why It Matters

The digital-first reality is here to stay post-pandemic. Social impact organizations are still struggling in the transition to an online world. A recent survey by CanadaHelps found that one in three charities believe they’ll soon find it harder to continue their work if they don’t improve their digital capabilities. A majority rated their digital skill level as either “fair” or “poor.”

This story is in partnership with IBM Canada. 

Charles Buchanan left the corporate world, where he worked as a computer engineer, back in 2016 to do something very different — help non-profits adapt to a rapidly digitizing environment. 

Buchanan is the founder of Technology Helps, a consulting firm that does just that: works with non-profit and charitable organizations to help them implement new technology systems. Of course, this work took on a whole new meaning when the pandemic began. 

But Buchanan says it’s important that organizations don’t jump into a major tech upgrade before their people are genuinely ready. We sat down (digitally) with him to learn more about what this actually means and what organizations can expect coming out of COVID.

This conversation has been edited for length and clarity. 

Kylie Adair:

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