“There is no wrong move”: young impact leaders on how life-changing career transitions led them into the social impact world

Young impact leaders share their experiences making career transitions and offer advice for other youth leaders in similar positions.

Why It Matters

Imposter syndrome and lack of mentorship can be major roadblocks for youth leaders who are starting out in their careers, trying to find their passions. But having the freedom and confidence to move fluidly in their professional life can lead young changemakers to find how they can make the greatest impact, young leaders say.

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Jade Pitchett’s career journey was not a simple one. They studied social work and got a bachelors and masters degree in the subject. After their masters, they were ready to be in the field, having education, and some work experience under their belt. But Pitchett couldn’t find a job to work directly with her community in Toronto after sending out resume after resume.

Pitchett eventually found a jo

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