What will it take to emerge from this pandemic as more equitable, inclusive societies?

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The pandemic has revealed that we have a long way to go toward a truly inclusive society.

Building such a society will take a combination of activism, passionate citizenship, and inclusive policy making — learning from one another and collaborating. What does it take to get there? And what can we learn from such collaborations around the world? 

Future of Good is excited to announce our partnership with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and 6 Degrees – the global forum for inclusion on Sep 21-23. We’ll cover the Forum’s second session, 360 Revision, to dive into what it takes to create meaningful change. Don’t miss out on their incredible and diverse line of speakers, including Indspire’s Roberta Jamieson, Ijeoma Oluo, Michael Sandel and The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson — and other impressive leaders around the globe.

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