Future of Good is partnering with e180 again to connect our pan-Canadian network of leaders

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The pandemic has made networking and peer-to-peer learning more difficult — but not impossible. 

Last March, along with most of the social impact world, the team at Future of Good had to completely rethink how we brought our community together. At the time COVID-19 hit Canada, we had just organized two parties for our members and partners in Ottawa and Toronto celebrating Future of Good’s first birthday, committed to covering social good conferences across the country, and much more. We recalled thinking, “What now?”

Similarly, e180 — a Montreal-based organization building networking and peer learning solutions — had to also re-strategize. The organization launched Virtual Braindates, the virtual counterpart to their popular knowledge-sharing solution and in-person service — and Future of Good was on board. We partnered with e180 for hosting virtual connections at our November 2020 summit. 

The success together was enormous, not just for Future of Good, but for our attendees who connected with like minded (and different) folks from coast to coast to coast — in the midst of a pandemic. When asked what the highlight of the summit was, the majority had answered “networking,” “Braindates,” and “connecting with the community.” 

That’s why we’re excited to announce another partnership with e180. We’ll be hosting braindates for our members and attendees for our upcoming events throughout the year, with our first activation together this month at the Transforming Funding Models Summit on Jun 22-23. There’s still time to register here

We’re looking forward to the opportunity to shape social impact with e180 once more and have our community connect more meaningfully again.

What are Virtual Braindates? 

Virtual Braindates are a new way to bring people together and help them learn from one another, no matter where they are.

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