Giving Tuesday 2020: What’s changed?

A Future of Good special report
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The pandemic has changed Canada’s culture of giving, maybe forever. 

Trends already well underway — like giving online and crowdfunding — have been accelerated by both the shift to digital and the new and pressing community needs presented by a global health and economic crisis. 

But others we might not have expected have emerged. Direct cash transfers and mutual aid have skyrocketed. Giving locally has become top of mind for many donors. A renewed focus on systemic racism and oppression is changing the kinds of causes Canadians donate to. Cash-strapped donors are finding new ways to contribute, donating skills and time. And so much more.

Where does this leave traditional fundraising strategies? How should organizations adapt? What will the giving culture look like in 2021, and beyond?

Featuring insights from leaders in the giving, philanthropy, and fundraising spaces, this special report takes a close look at how Giving Tuesday 2020 plays out — and what to watch for throughout 2021. 

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