Young people are looking for purposeful careers. But what does it look like to integrate mental health into purpose-oriented work?

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Let’s face it — young people will take the biggest losses in a post-pandemic economy. 

In May 2020, youth unemployment reached a record high of 29.4 percent in Canada. Failing to close this gap in unemployment rates would mean missing out on billions of dollars to lift our economy.

Furthermore, Health Canada estimates that 11 million Canadians are experiencing high levels of stress, and close to 2 million are experiencing traumatic stress in the wake of COVID-19. Many are also cut off from their usual sources of support, like in-person therapy or coaching.

The situation is dire, but it presents an opportunity for the social impact world to step up to help. 

What will it take to help a new generation of purpose-oriented people thrive, and equip them to work in social impact?

Future of Good is excited to announce a content partnership with RBC Future Launch. We kick off with a #BuildBackBetter digital conversation on October 6th to explore how social purpose organizations can view mental health as a key ingredient to professional growth. RSVP for it here.

And this fall, we’ll dive into digital stories and a plenary at our Future of Good 2020 Summit exploring vital insights and exciting innovations that advance youth mental health within purpose-oriented careers.

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