Cheatsheet: 23 important and under-the-radar highlights from Budget 2023

The social impact sector was barely mentioned in Budget 2023, but the Liberals’ latest fiscal plan promised spending on a multitude of issues for the social impact sector

Why It Matters

Budget 2023 sets the Canadian government’s funding priorities for years to come. Organizational leaders must understand the budget’s impact on their work to devise effective programming, outreach, and fundraising campaigns.

By the Future of Good team

Budget 2023 had a massive hole where many non-profit and charity leaders expected to see renewed funding, a home in government, or robust support for the populations they serve. But this year’s federal fiscal plan wasn’t all bad news for the social impact world. 

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s 2023 budget is, by all accounts, spare and restrained, taking into account a combination of inflationary pressures and the looming threat of a global recession. That said, it did allocate billions of dollars in important funding for causes and communities the social impact sector cares about: everything from Indigenous healthcare to a new Canada Water Agency.

The Future of Good editorial team combe

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